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Dec 8, 2013 9:00am EST
all of the chinese demands. so we leleft them a little bit hangnging but woe, when joe biden in china, we seem to have buckckled and rather than demana withdrawal, we seem to let the chinese go south. -- go soft on enforcement. the japanese are left hanging. the koreans and the philippines, everybody in the pacific is looking to the united states and saying, are you serious protecting us?s? >> what about that? >> we have to keep all of the shippingines and trade les open. no question about it. we arere coming late to a party herere. since the wn of time the compition between the chinese and the jajapanese has been central to the world and to that region. china was dominant until the middle of the 19th century when japan modernized. and then jap really became the preeminent. is contest, you can see it right now, and god bless the united states but our role other than preserving the openne of those trade routes is basilly -- >> wheyou mention japan, we are coming up on december 7. triggers something in my memory. >> we have more to do. our rolele is -- >> wororld war ii. a little while
Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
why. thank you. joe biden is on his way to asia right now. he left for a weeklong trip. he will visit leaders in japan, china and south korea. the trip is aimed to show other world powers that the u.s. remains focused on that region. says technical glitches that have plagued the federal health care website are gone and the site should allow more than 50,000 people at any one time to log on, or 800,000 people during a day. coming up, we hear from politico on whether the website's problems could impact president obama's second term agenda. anniversarythe 25th of world aids day. dozens of people gathered this evening for a candlelight vigil on f street northwest. they honor the memories of those who have died from aids and showed solidarity with people who are living with the virus. but ithink globally really want you to act globally. i mean that. get tested, know your status. practice safe sex. by ae event was sponsored clinic that was established in 1958 and has been at the forefront in providing education, counseling, care to people with aids and hiv. overseas, pope francis mark
Dec 1, 2013 11:35pm EST
really worried about what is happening in iran as much as their backyard. >> quickly, joe biden is going on an asian tour at a time when things are really critical with china and japan. >> you will be landing in tokyo to remind his friends in asia, china, japan, south korea that they aren't being neglected. stays calmerything over there. >> thank you. >> tonight's game has wrapped up at fedex field between the redskins and the giants. it came down to the wire and sadly, the redskins continued their losing streak. britt mchenry with the details. >> it has been a tough one. depressing for washington fans than the actual game tonight has to be this spot. sorry, guys. projected difficulty of the schedule, the skins are projected to have the second overall pick in next year's trapped. wait for it, it goes to st. louis for that rg iii pick trade. write down the field, alfred , 7-0 skins and they are cruising. goes downrter, rg iii for a 20-yard touchdown. griffin completed 16 to 17 passes in the first half. rushed for more than 50 yards. they're doing great, right? third quarter, andre b
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
to $11.50 an hour last month. >> vice president joe biden is calling for calm in the airspace dispute between china, japan, and other u.s. allies. the vice president met today with the china -- the japanese prime minister. the vice president will discuss the issue during a meeting with in beijingsident tomorrow. >> that newspaper editor who broke the edward snowden story about nsa classified document says he has just scratched the surface of the scandal. said he hasdger published one percent of the documents received by the paper. he also accused british authorities of trying to intimidate the newspaper. >> coming up on abc seven news at 6 p.m. a teacher accused of sexually thusing a child wit special needs. the family says they refuse to remain silent. >> and unusual vehicle is making its home in northern virginia. it is bringing jobs within. friday started a black for all inside an area mall is caught on tape. over the next seven days, temperatures will go way up and then they will head way down. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, and struggle to sleep comfortably
Dec 7, 2013 11:30pm EST
came as vice president joe biden toured the demilitarized zone between north korea and south korea. sorely --newman shortly after he learned of his release after wrapping up his trip to asia. organizers of a charity race involving prince harry are suspending the race because of bad weather conditions. they plan to continue the journey to the south pole. harry is a member of one of three teams involving injured soldiers who left last week. the teams will now be driven part of the route, then finish the final 70 miles on foot. 7 on your side with a health alert. doctors are reporting a major advance. they say an experimental treatment called gene therapy is giving high success rates in tests in more than 120 patients. the treatment involves removing certain white load cells, altering them in a lab to contain a gene that attacks cancer, and then returning them to the patient. actors are detailing the studies at a weekend, -- doctors are detailing the study said a weekend conference. the five-year-old cancer survivorno
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am EST
merrill come home. >> reporter: in seoul, south korea, joe biden praised the release. but also called for the return of kenneth bae, held for more than a year. >> mr. bae, who has no reason to be held, should be released immediately. >> reporter: for mr. newman's family, their wish for a homecoming before the holidays comes true. for "good morning america," gloria riviera, abc news, beijing. >> this will be a christmas that family will remember. >>> let's get back to ron claiborne with the other headlines of the morning. >> we begin with new fallout from the chaotic highway shooting involving police in new mexico, firing at a car loaded with children. abc's tai hernandez has this story. >> reporter: this morning, abc news has confirmed the new mexico state police officer who fired at a minivan full of kids has been fired himself. the officer arrived as backup for this october routine traffic stop that escalated way too far, way too fast. it began with 39 oriana ferrell was pulled over for speeding. but police say she did not follow the first officer's orders. >> turn the vehicle off f
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6